How It Works
The project will adopt a zoning approach for prioritization, following the zones defined by the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF). Grant applications will be assessed on a first-come first-served basis, and based on proximity to the blast area.

Kafalat will progressively announce, through the proper channels (including website and through participating MFIs), the time to move to the next zone.

We are now receiving applications from zones K and O.
Now we are receiving applications from the 6 zones K,L,M,N,O,P and up to 5 km.

First Phase

MSEs located in Zones K and O will be the primary target for the MSEs Grant. Regions under Zones K and O include the following:
  • Zone K
    • Karantina
    • Khodor
    • Medawar
    • Saifi
    • Mar Mikhael
    • Gemmayze
    • Al Marfaa
  • Zone O
    • Bourj Hammoud
    • Daoura
    • Jdeideh
    • Baouchriyeh
    • Zalka

Second Phase

MSEs located in Zones L and M become additional targets of the Grants. Regions under Zones L and M include the following:
  • Zone L
    • Qoubaiyat
    • Geitawi
    • Rmeil
    • Badawi
    • St George Hospital - Roum
    • St Nicolas
    • Sursock
  • Zone M
    • Mar Mitr
    • Karm El Zaytoun
    • Sodeco
    • Achrafieh
    • Furn El Hayek
    • Sassine
    • Université Saint Joseph

Third Phase

MSEs located in Zones N and P become additional targets of the Grants. Regions under Zones N and P include the following:
  • Zone N
    • Sioufi
    • Hotel Dieu
    • Nassrah
  • Zone P
    • Down Town
    • Majidieh
    • Nejmeh Square
    • Bab Idriss
    • Grand Serail
    • Minat El Hosn
    • Ain El Mreisseh
    • Biel
    • Zaytouna Bay
    • Bachoura
    • Zokak El Blat

Fourth Phase

The entire 5 Km radius becomes a target of the Grants.

The B5 Fund is a $25 million Fund, financed by the Lebanese Financing facility (LFF), a multi-donor trust fund established in December 2020, and managed by the World Bank. The Fund aims to pool grant resources and strengthen the coherence and coordination of financing in support of the immediate socio-economic recovery of vulnerable people and businesses impacted by the Port of Beirut explosion of August 4, 2020.


For additional information, queries or complaints, please contact Mr. Khalil Attieh, Mr. Jeoffrey Karaa or Mr. Nadim Khreiss

by phone at 01/340992 or 70/182926 or by email at [email protected] and [email protected].

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