I own a pub, can I apply for the grant?
Yes of course, if your business was damaged by the Port of Beirut Explosion and you still have recovery needs that were not financed or repaired, then you can apply.
My business is not registered, do I qualify for the grant?
Yes your business can benefit from the B5 Grant up to USD10.000 , you need to apply through the 4 eligible MFIs selected to channel the grants.
I have previously received aid from other NGOs, can I still apply?
Yes you can apply for a grant to support different recovery needs/expenses.
I already fixed the shop/store, do I send the receipts for refund?
The B5 Fund will be used to support unrepaired damages, in case the beneficiary repaired the business damages (even if not paid for yet) he/she cant apply for this repaired item, however, he/she can still apply for different recovery needs such as working capital , technical services, new equipment and light civil work.
I closed my business because of the explosion, can I still apply?
The B5 Fund will be used to support the sustainability and the viability of the damaged businesses, so if the grant will allow the beneficiary to resume his/her business operations, then he/she can apply for the grant. But, If the grant will not be enough to resume business activities, then the business will not satisfy the eligibility criteria.
How do I know if my business location is covered by the B5 Fund?
If the business is located within 5 km radius from the port of Beirut or were present in that radius at the time of the blast then the business is eligible.
My store has more than one branch, do I apply once for every branch?
If each branch is registered under separate economic entity (i.e. owner) then each entity benefits from a Grant, and if all branches operate under one economic entity, then this one entity is eligible for one Grant
My business operations are carried out from my home, does this mean I don’t qualify?
Informal business (home-based business) are eligible, he/she will need to apply through MFIs.
Do I have to show proof of how the grant was used after I receive it?
Part of monitoring and evaluation is following up on the intended use of the Grant, and Annex 5 of the Grant Agreement (attached to the Grant Agreement) to be signed with the beneficiary requires reporting on grant usage. Besides receipts of equipment and raw material acquisition should be kept for future inspection by the WB.

The B5 Fund is a $25 million Fund, financed by the Lebanese Financing facility (LFF), a multi-donor trust fund established in December 2020, and managed by the World Bank. The Fund aims to pool grant resources and strengthen the coherence and coordination of financing in support of the immediate socio-economic recovery of vulnerable people and businesses impacted by the Port of Beirut explosion of August 4, 2020.


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