Are You Eligible?

Around 4,300 Lebanese MSEs, including self-employed individuals, will benefit from the business recovery grants, out of which 30% are women-owned or women-led. In addition, the B5 Fund will aim to identify and support entrepreneurs and business owners who suffer, directly or indirectly, from a disability due to the blast. All sectors will benefit from grant support, including but not limited to industry, food manufacturing, services, handicraft, IT hardware and software firms, professions, etc…

MSE Eligibility Criteria

  • Directly damaged by the explosion
  • Businesses located within 5 KM radius from the port of Beirut
  • Business with 20 or less employees registered with the NSSF
    (National Social Security Fund)
  • Either currently active or could resume viable activity if financing is secured
  • Still has financial recovery needs
Eligible Expenses

Grant Proceeds to Eligible MSEs Can Cover the Below Expenses

Excluded Activities

The following list sets out types of transactions that cannot be financed under the B5 Fund.

The B5 Fund is a $25 million Fund, financed by the Lebanese Financing facility (LFF), a multi-donor trust fund established in December 2020, and managed by the World Bank. The Fund aims to pool grant resources and strengthen the coherence and coordination of financing in support of the immediate socio-economic recovery of vulnerable people and businesses impacted by the Port of Beirut explosion of August 4, 2020.


For additional information, queries or complaints, please contact Mr. Khalil Attieh, Mr. Jeoffrey Karaa or Mr. Nadim Khreiss

by phone at 01/340992 or 70/182926 or by email at [email protected] and [email protected].

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